“My favorite scene is when Jesus goes into heaven. It just gives me a thrill. In your heart you know the story, but here you get to be a part of it. The pageant is like a family reunion every year.” 
-Ann Alvarado, cast member since 1959 

“I came back to the pageant for my kids. I learned so much from it as a kid myself. I think it had a lot to do with my faith. When I was in it as a kid, one of the things they told us to do to look like conversation is to say ‘peas and carrots.’ It’s always been a joke at my house.” 
-Karen (Wukasch) Hocher, cast member since 1959

“It really doesn’t hit you until you’re on the stage and the curtain opens. Then you really lose yourself in the role.”
-Joseph Calvo, cast member since 1974

“The thing I notice the most is that when the scriptures are read during the Lenten season, you sort of zero in on the stories and remember the year you played a certain role.” 
-John Petersen, cast member since 1972

“I started doing the pageant as a favor to Mr. (Glynn) Devine. I thought I’d do it one time, but I got hooked.” 
-Martin Basore, cast member since 1976

“The changes I’ve seen (between the '60s and '90s) are that the props are more sophisticated. The scene that brings me back every year is when the crowd yells, ‘Crucify him!’ It makes it very real.” 
-Edna May Getz, cast member since 1968


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