The Easter Triumph is an 80-minute passion play performed by 150 cast members from the Austin area. The play is an outreach, and the committee purposely selects venues outside of church settings to encourage the entire community to attend.

The play is scripture-based and not intended to promote any particular denomination. The pageant itself is sponsored by the Austin-area Lutheran Churches-Missouri Synod. Cast members, however, come from all Christian denominations, from Catholic to Methodist to Baptist.

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The Easter Triumph is non-profit, and there is no admission charge to attend the performance. Production costs are paid through a free-will offering and memorial donations made to the pageant.

The pageant is guided by a Board of Directors made up of former and current cast members who donate their time and talents to the service of God. You may contact the board or the pageant director by clicking on "Contact" on the Home page.

Many churches within an hour or two of the Austin area arrange for church vans or buses to bring large numbers of members attend the performance. The board is careful to select venues where there will be enough seating.


​Interpreters for the deaf community will be provided for the 6 pm show.


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