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All cast and crew members are volunteers. Casting for the primary roles in the Easter Triumph begins in January or February each year.


Primary role casting is at the sole discretion of the director. No auditions are held, but new cast members who wish to take on a role must contact the director.

Rehearsals begin about three weeks prior to the performance and costumes are provided. 


​There are about 60 individual roles to be cast, from involved roles like Disciples, Pilate, and Mary the Mother, to smaller roles for angels, soldiers, priests, and various members of Christ's early fellowship.


Jesus is cast well in advance, and the 12 disciples are usually chosen by February. Other roles are filled in as rehearsals progress.


Approximately 100 people are needed for the crowd scenes to celebrate His arrival on Palm Sunday, to march in and lead a mob to arrest Him, witnessing His death, and rejoicing in His ascension.


Several children will have important roles as Pilate's servants, heralds to announce Jesus' arrival and in a wonderful scene in the end when every child who can toddle or run to Jesus, will assist in the triumphant finish. There is no better way to get a small child to understand the story of Easter than to have them act it out.


The crowd is an important part of the pageant as well  playing a key role in the mood of the production.


There are no qualifications to be a member of the cast other than attending rehearsals and a love of God. Spoken parts are narrated so there are no lines to learn.


It is helpful, but not required, for men wishing to participate in primary roles such as a priest, Pilate, or disciples to grow a beard.

In addition to those on stage, the pageant always needs crew members from light and sound techs, to backstage personnel and entire families are encouraged to participate even if some prefer behind the scenes rolls.

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